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Film sector in Hong Kong announced

This May, Art Basel is launching a sector dedicated to films by and about artists at its show in Hong Kong. From May 15 to May 17, 49 works by 41 artists, represented by 30 galleries, will be screened at the agnès b. CINEMA at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Curated by Beijing and Zurich based curator, multi-media artist and producer Li Zhenhua, highlights of the program include works by international artists such as Takashi Ishida, Dinh Q. Lê, and Hong Kong artists, Kwan Sheung Chi and Christopher Doyle.

Li Zhenhua’s selection for the Hong Kong show, whose Lead Partner is UBS, explores six diverse themes. ‘Urban Life’ looks at how urban civilization impacts on daily life through often bizarre behaviors, witticism, and humor. ‘Beautiful Visuals’ focuses on visual perception and the mixing of sound and video. ‘Animation’ traces the discovery, techniques and practice of this genre, while ‘Action’ looks at the trinity between activity, performance, and video. ‘Performance’ is oriented towards the dramatization of actions, events and performances, while ‘Fiction Mix’ looks at story telling at the core of any visual presentation.

Salon, Art Basel’s afternoon talks program will see Kwan Sheung Chi and Chim↑Pom in conversation with Li Zhenhua on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 5pm.

For the full program list of Film, please visit:


Thursday, May 15, 2014

6.30pm – 8pm

Urban Life

Kwan Sheung Chi, doing it with Mrs Kwan… making Pepper Spray, 2012, 5’16’’, Gallery Exit

Tameka Norris,Licker, 2008-2012, 5’46’’, Lombard Freid Gallery

Nina Yuen, Lea, 2014, 6’30’’, Lombard Freid Gallery

Guan Xiao, Cognitive Shape, 2013, 8’12’’, Magician Space

Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Memoriel Project Waterfield: The Story of the Stars, 2006-14, 8’, Mizuma Art Gallery

Naiza Khan, The Observatory, 2012, 6’, Rossi & Rossi

Christopher Doyle, Roof Sticks, 2013, 4’40’’, Rossi & Rossi

Andreas Angelidakis, Domesticated Mountain, 2012, 5’35’’, The Breeder

Liao Li, A slap (Wuhan), 2011, 5’09’’, 55


Beautiful Visuals

Bill Balaskas, Parthenon Rising (II), 2011, 2’45’’, Kalfayan Galleries

Sriwhana Spong, Learning Duets, 2012, 4’50’’, Michael Lett

Chim↑Pom, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, 2011, 2’8’’, Mujin-to Production

Polly Borland, Berlin, it’s all a mess, 2012, 4’45’’, Murray White Room

Chen Sai Hua Kuan, Space Drawing No. 7, 2010, 1’, Osage Gallery

Chang-Jung Wu, Lost Taipei, 2013, 4’30’’, Project Fulfill Art Space

Christopher Doyle, Tilda, 2013, 3’59’’, Rossi & Rossi

Youki Hirakawa, In the mist of time, 2012, 4’30’’, Standing Pine

Takashi Ishida, Burning Chair, 2013, 5’8’’, Taka Ishii Gallery


Friday, May 16, 2014

7pm – 8.30pm


John Latham, Talk Mr Bard, 1961, 3’50’’, Lisson Gallery

Nina Yuen, Hermione, 2014, 9’49’’, Lombard Freid Gallery

Yukihiro Taguchi, EIN / DRUCK (Lisbon), 2011, 7’37’’, Mujin-to Production

Miao Xiaochun

, Disillusion, 2009-2010, 10’, Osage Gallery

Pei-Shih Tu, Last Wills, 2013, 7’15’’, Project Fulfill Art Space

Wang Haiyang, Freud, Fish and Butterfly, 2012, 3’22’’, Galerie Paris-Beijing

Sookoon Ang, 1to9, 2009, 53’, FOST Private Limited

Ye Linghan, Last Experimental Flying Object, 2008, 7’, Ben Brown Fine Arts

Brian Alfred, Triangle Cloud, 2013, 5’, Ameringer|McEnery|Yohe

Dinh Q. Lê, South China Sea Pishkun, 2009, 6’30’’, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery


Chim↑Pom, BLACK OF DEATH 2013, 2013, 8’53’’, Mujin-to Production

Tsubasa Kato, Abandon (Salton Sea), 2013, 2’57’’, Mujin-to Production

Ishu Han, Neighbor, 2012, 7’15’’, Osage Gallery

Roman Signer, Wettlauf mit Rakete / Race with a Rocket, 1981, 25’’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer

, Aktion in Vira Gambarogno / Action in Vira Gambarogno, 1982, 43’’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer, Wagen / Wagon, 1986, 1’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer, Vier Kisten / Four Boxes, 1985, 1’18’’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer, Bücher / Books, 1984, 3’04’’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer, Brücke / Bridge, 1983, 25’’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer, Hocker / Stool (Fluss Sitter bei Haslen), 1982, 52’’, Hauser & Wirth

Roman Signer, Brille mit Rakete / Glasses with Rocket, 1982, 24’’, Hauser & Wirth

Saturday, May 17, 2014 7pm – 8.30pm


Bettina Buck, Interlude, 2012, 5’22’’, Rokeby

John Wood and Paul Harrison, 10 x 10, 2011, 15’37’’, Carroll / Fletcher

Fiction Mix

Shimura Bros, SEKILALA, 2006-2008, infinity (4’10’’ short version), Tokyo Gallery + BTAP

Cristobal León & Joaquín Cociña, Los Andes, 2013, 4’02’’, Upstream Gallery

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster & Tristan Bera, Belle Comme le Jour, 2012, 13’, Gallery Koyanagi

Diogo Evangelista, Isle, 2013, 6’24’’ looped, Galeria Pedro Cera

Sookoon Ang, Exorcize Me, 2013, 3’12’’, FOST Private Limited

Chang Chien-Chi, Burmese Days, 2011, 5’37’’, Chi-Wen Gallery

Hiroyuki Oki, SUITA II, 1989-1990, 17’, Arataniurano

Chen Zhou, Spanking The Maid II, 2012, 13’, Aike-Dellarco