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Mapping the City

Contemporary cartographic art by international street and graffiti artists

Somerset House, in association with collaborative arts organisation A(by)P, will present Mapping the City, an innovative exhibition of works by established and emerging artists from the street and graffiti art scenes, in the newly renovated New Wing of Somerset House in January 2015. To complement the exhibition, Somerset House and A(by)P are planning a diverse series of events, including a series of film and music evenings, artists talks, performances and interactive workshops, all to inspire visitors to re-evaluate their own relationship to the cities in which they live.

The former home of the Inland Revenue, Somerset House’s New Wing has been closed to the public for 150 years, and its first exhibition will feature works by over 50 internationally recognised artists such as Shepard Fairey, Swoon and Aryz, alongside rising stars from Australia to Argentina, Sweden to Spain and France to Finland.

Graffiti and street artists have an intimate relationship with the cities that they use as a canvas. They understand and engage with the urban landscape in unique ways – through subjective surveying rather than objective ordinance. Mapping the City will present a series of cartographic representations of the artists’ chosen cities. Ranging from literal to highly abstract, each map will be an individual response to the way these artists experience and interpret the places that they know so well.

The artists selected by A(by)P to take part in the exhibition use a wide variety of media in their practice, from digital technology to illustration, paintings to sculpture, and video presentations to performances. Over 40 of the works were specially commissioned by A(by)P, with artists using their individual aesthetic to share their knowledge of each city’s secrets and challenge visitors to look at their own urban environments in a new light.

Shepard Fairey (USA), whose iconic image of Barack Obama entitled ‘Hope’ became one of the most recognisable images of the 2008 presidential campaign, will showcase work which embraces the communicative potential of the public sphere and the power of the city as a space for political commentary and social critique.

Influential female street artist Swoon (USA), known for examining the relationship of people to their built environment, and her belief in the importance of the narrative that develops in the heart of a city, is showcasing a work based on the Thai capital Bangkok.

Barcelona-based painter and muralist Aryz (Spain), who received critical acclaim for his mural produced in collaboration with Brazilian artists Os Gêmeos in Poland in 2013, will be presenting a new project for the exhibition.

Italian artist Filippo Minelli’s witty, revelatory work harnesses the power of language to intervene between public and virtual worlds, borders and nations, to find signs of beauty and elements of controversy in all aspects of everyday life.

Three home-grown British talents to look out for in Mapping the City include: Petro, one of the leaders of the UK graffiti scene since the 1990s; Russell Maurice, whose artistic influences range from lost civilisations to early Disney; and Will Sweeney, a London-based graphic artist specialising in comics, clothing, graphics and animation. All three artists are presenting new works produced for the show.

Mapping the City follows the success of the exhibition Futurismo Ancestral: An Offering to Peru by Sixe Paredes presented in the lower levels of Somerset House in May 2014.

All the artworks presented during Mapping the City will be available for sale through A(by)P.


108 (Italy)

Aryz (Spain)

Augustine Kofie (USA)

Boris Tellegen (The Netherlands)

Caleb Neelon (USA)

Cali Thornhill Dewitt (USA)

Chu (Argentina)

Cleon Peterson (USA)

Daniel K. Sparkes (UK)

Egs (Finland)

Ekta [Daniel Götesson] (Sweden)

Eltono (France)

Erosie (The Netherlands)

Filippo Minelli (Italy)

Gold Peg (UK)

Graphic Surgery (The Netherlands)

Herbert Baglione (Brazil)

Honet (France)

Horfe (France)

HuskMitNavn (Denmark)

Ian Strange [Kid Zoom] (Australia)

Interesni Kazki (Ukraine)

Isauro Huizar (Mexico)

Isaac Tin Wei Lin (USA)

James Jarvis (UK)

Jurne (USA)

Ken Sortais [Cony] (France)

Les Frères Ripoulain (France)

Lucas Cantu (Mexico)

Lush (Australia)

Malarko (UK)

Martin Tibabuzo (Argentina)

Mike Ballard (UK)


Nano4814 (Spain)

Nug (Sweden)

OX (France)

Pablo Limon (Spain)

Petro (UK)

Remed (France)

Remio (USA)

Roids (UK)

Ron English (USA)

Russell Maurice (UK

Shantell Martin (UK)

Shepard Fairey (USA)

Sixe Paredes (Spain)

Susumu Mukai (Japan)

Swoon (USA)

Tim Head (UK)

Vova Vorotniov (Ukraine)

Will Sweeney (UK)

Transmitting Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol [no title] 1967 Screenprint on paper image: 910 x 910 mm Purchased 1971© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./ARS, NY and DACS, London 2009

Tate Liverpool
7 November 2014 – 8 February 2015 (press preview 6 November 2014)
£8.00 / £6.00

Andy Warhol (1928-1987) remains one of the most important and influential artists of the Post War period and the central figure associated with pop art. Transmitting Andy Warhol is the first exhibition to explore Warhol’s role in establishing new platforms to disseminate art, and his experimentation with new approaches to art reception that redefined artistic practice and distribution.

The first major solo exhibition in the north of England that focuses on Warhol’s expanded practice, it brings together more than 100 works, across a range of media with major paintings to explore Warhol’s experiments with mass-produced imagery. He ‘transmitted’ these images back into the public realm using processes of serial repetition and mass dispersal, establishing new approaches to distribute his work. Warhol’s transmission of ideas and imagery brought to life his democratic conviction that ‘art should be for everyone’.

Highlights include the Marilyn Diptych, Dance Diagram and Do-it-Yourself paintings, and other loans from international collections and the ARTIST ROOMS collection. Also presented will be a spectacular evocation of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, Warhol’s famed ‘total art’ environment which provided the framework for performances by the Velvet Underground.

It was during the early 1960s that Warhol recognised mass culture’s increasingly pervasive presence into the realms of visual representation and public experience, with a shift in the role of the artist as well as expectations of the audience. The exhibition traces how his practice expanded laterally using the theoretically limitless channels of publishing, film, music and broadcasting. From television commercials to a dazzling display of his ‘dispersed’ output including his trailblazing celebrity magazine Interview, Transmitting Andy Warhol shows how the artist combined the conceptual processes of making, marketing, publicity and distribution within a single artwork.

Transmitting Andy Warhol provides audiences with new insights into the breadth of his artistic processes and philosophies, as well as the social, political and aesthetic implications of his practice. Warhol’s expanding of the networks for distributing art is especially important today in an era when digital media offers artists, as well as any member of the public, boundless possibilities of distributing information, images and ideas. By presenting Warhol in the context of the mass information networks of his time, the exhibition reveals the artist’s role in re-defining access to culture and art as we understand it today, while challenging the traditional separation between high and low culture, and private and mass experience.

Transmitting Andy Warhol will be exhibited alongside Gretchen Bender. Also running concurrently on the ground floor Wolfson Gallery is The Serving Library to form Tate Liverpool’s autumn/winter season. Entitled, Making Things Public, visitors will explore how artists from different generations have responded to and experimented with the pervasive influence of mass and broadcast media. Transmitting Andy Warhol is made possible through support from the Terra Foundation for American Art and European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The exhibition is curated by Darren Pih, Exhibitions & Displays Curator and Stephanie Straine, Assistant Curator, Tate Liverpool.

On the occasion of Transmitting Andy Warhol, a new title, Tate Introductions: Warhol (Tate Publishing series), by Stephanie Straine, Assistant Curator at Tate Liverpool will be published.